Silo trucks


Silo trucks - Silo-Semi-trailer


You transport: Fodder/Flour/Grain/Pellets

Tropper has had more than 60 years of experience in the construction of high quality silo vehicles for the transportation of fodder, flour, grain and other free flowing substances.


The advantages of a Tropper silo vehicle are clearly recognizable:

  • Solutions according to customer specifications (3 m³ to 53 m3 volume)
  • Qualified advisors with well-based experience in the industry
  • Cylindrical shape of the drum leads to a low centre of gravity and therefore excellent driving characteristics
  • Long-life Tropper discharge system made of stainless steel
  • Bag storage integrated on the sides for bagged goods
  • Smooth surfaces on the hosepipe for advertising
  • Central operation at the end of the vehicle next to the discharge arm
  • Calibratable on board weighing
  • Central lubrication for stop valves
  • Fast loading and discharge

Ask your advisor about the advantages of TROPPER Silo-Trucks:


Mr. Reinhold Groiß


Mr. Benedikt Tropper




Product advantages:

  • Automatic stop of the product output (emptying process) when the delivery set weight is reached
  • Blower and discharge temperature control with error messages. Setting limit values is possible to increase the life of the blower (compressor)
  • Control of tank pressure and discharge pressure (for gentle emptying or gentle product promotion)
  • Automatic stop of the product output by empty detector and final surge stop: Reduction of dust in wood pellets; Protects customers' pellet silos from overloading
  • The computer thinks with: Easy to maintain due to automatic reminder of maintenance intervals
  • Office suitable: The unloading quantity can either be printed out by means of a delivery note or (and) sent to the central office. Thus, the accounting can be done quickly and the administrative work is facilitated (paper economy)

Control variant TWS:

  • reliable and tested
  • very extensive functions
  • delivery printer
  • possibility to print bills
  • Optional: Empty detector with emptying stop to protect the filling silos

Central feed line system


In a Tropper silo vehicle the central feed line system is made of maintenance-free, abrasion-resistant stainless steel. The main advantage of this system is the direct discharge of free flowing substances. Due to this the free flowing substances (flour, fodder etc) are handled gently.

Welding seam check

Welding seam check


Tropper demands very high quality. Because the silo drums are the main and most important component of our silo vehicles a complete quality check of the silo drums is carried out in an x-ray measurement.

Redirection line with central distribution

Redirection line with central distribution

The suction-pressure redirection line with central distribution enables simple trouble-free shifting of free flowing loads from one silo cell into another container or into its final storage (e.g. wheat can be sucked directly from a silo trailer into a silo cell of the tractor unit from where it can be discharged into a free-standing silo). Product mixing is avoided. Every cell can be filled individually.


Mobile suction unit

Mobile suction unit Hermes


For dust-free filling we offer you the Tropper mobile suction unit. This unit is small, light, compact and easy to operate. The strong performance arises from a combination of large air volume and strong suction.

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