Mahl- und Mischanlagen

MMX-PRESS - Extra Equipment

Delivery note printer package


On request a high quality printer will be mounted in the cab and with the aid of a software package you can begin immediately to create documents for your work. All the necessary functions are easy to select.

MMX-Star radio remote controlled


MMX-Star – useful radio remote controller with backlit display. You can control the most important functions and the blower arm from one position.

Large Display


Mounted on the mixer drum and can be twisted and turned with a figure size of 60 mm (LED).

Dosing tank for acids or oils


Ca. 120 litres volume, made of stainless steel with dosage scale integrated in the suction system, including regulation valves.

Sound insultation hood extension


Min. length 750 mm, for bags or Euro pallets. With single or double doors and pull-out climbing aid.

Storage room for 2 Euro pallets


Aluminium frame in front of the sound insulation hood. With internal lighting and pallet-width door on both sides as well as pull-out climbing aid.

Molasses adding system for max. 2% addition of molasses


Molasses tank (500 l – 2,000 l) made of stainless steel with integrated tank heating by means of a heating element.

Ingredient container


The size possible depends on the actual amount of space available on the truck. You can choose between from 2 to 8 cells for bulk goods or bagged goods. Compartments for bagged goods are equipped with internal lighting, large doors opening to the side and a climbing aid.

Calibrated mixer scales


High degree of accuracy of the mixer scales due to EU-approved calibration of weighing units.

DUO SUPER POWER suction unit


The SUPER POWER suction station is the optimal extension for your MEGA MIX with direct drive; it guarantees you maximum intake performance.

Blower discharge arm extension, foldable, "extra high"


For filling silos from above and for filling roof hatches we offer a foldable extension for the blower arm. You can reach a height of up to 11 m with it!

Indos X55


The INDOS X55 is coupled to the hose shortly before reaching the fodder silo.The special ingredients are added in through extra tubes without coming into contact with the grinding and mixing plant. Easy to transport because it is compact and made completely of aluminium with a detachable funnel.

Re-equipping for plant oil


You can have your grinding and mixing plant re-equipped by our specialists for running on plant oils. Experienced and trained assemblers mount the new set of equipment rapidly and professionally. This type of re-equipping takes, as a rule, 1 to 2 days and is carried out here in our works.

"Clean Air" cyclone for blower arm


Clean Air System with integrated suction for blower arm for the dust-reduced discharge of mixed fodder.

Debagging device


Tropper debagging device supports you in special cases. The debagging device is easy to operate and can be removed without any tools. On request with bag table for large bags.