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Tropper has had more than 60 years of experience in the construction of high quality silo vehicles for the transportation of fodder, flour, grain and other free flowing substances.

The advantages of a Tropper silo vehicle are clearly recognizable:

·         Solutions according to customer specifications (3 m³ to 53 m3 volume)

·         Qualified advisors with well-based experience in the industry

·         Cylindrical shape of the drum leads to a low centre of gravity and therefore excellent driving characteristics

·         Long-life Tropper discharge system made of stainless steel

·         Bag storage integrated on the sides for bagged goods

·         Smooth surfaces on the hosepipe for advertising

·         Central operation at the end of the vehicle next to the discharge arm  

·         Calibratable on board weighing  

·         Central lubrication for stop valves

·         Fast loading and discharge 

Ask your advisor about the advantages of TROPPER Silo-Trucks:

Mr Reinhold Groiß

Mr Benedikt Tropper

TNA 9,5/1 TNA 20/2 TNA 25/4 TNA 26/4
Length [mm]: 5100  5756  7460  7200 
Container diameter: 2500 mm 2400 mm 2200 mm 2300 mm
Height [mm]: 2960  2700  2560  2600 
Capacity: 9,5 m³ 20 m³ 25 m³ 26 m³
Number of chambers:

Standard equipment

> Pressure- (up to 1 bar) or high pressure-tank (up to 2 bar) made of aluminium
> Individual cells
> Central feed line system
> Tropper Airblock
> Tool box
> Earthing cable drum
> Fire extinguisher
> Central control elements
> Hosepipes
> Safety valves
> Protective housing on the sides
> Couplings and blind cover
> Ladder and grate for sure footing

Welding seam check


Tropper demands very high quality. Because the silo drums are the main and most important component of our silo vehicles a complete quality check of the silo drums is carried out in an x-ray measurement.