The original system

The heart of this mobile grinding and mixing plant was, and is, the ORIGINAL SUCTION-PRESSURE Mixer from TROPPER.
Meanwhile more than 300 plants in 20 different countries are in operation throughout Europe! The Master Mix series presents itself in modern design and enables thorough cleaning due to its rounded surfaces and also provides easy access to the powerful main units. 


The best possible fodder hygiene due to simple complete discharge

"Contamination is to be avoided" – this customer requirement is of great importance to us! 
As the operator of a mixing plant you value clean and quick changes between products. This is where you can count on our many years of experience in pneumatic discharge. Due to maintenance-free discharge plates the best possible discharge is achieved without complicated mechanisms. In combination with the mixer impactor and the discharge stop they achieve clean results.  




As a full line company, TROPPER also delivers the MASTER MIX with a high performance discharge screw. This new innovation is a combination of the ORIGINAL TROPPER Suction-Pressure mixing system and a discharge screw. You are accustomed to TROPPER plants providing dust-free and certified accurate mixing. Combined with the discharge screw even more applications for your MMX-Press from TROPPER can be opened up: From dust-free bagging to transitional crushing for biogas plants; everything is possible and that with the simple complete discharge which has been provided by TROPPER for more than 20 years! The plant is driven either by the truck engine or by an auxiliary engine from Mercedes.

The MASTER MIX with screw can easily be assembled. It combines the advantages of a suction-pressure mixer with a low dust discharge screw. The TROPPER complete discharge also functions simply here and without complicated pump-back.

Long-term MASTER MIX advantages:

  • Mixer - Complete discharge
  • Low maintenance costs due to few wear parts = less maintenance work
  • Easy access to units
  • Good fodder quality at high performance
  • Original direct drive from TROPPER for integrated storage space or economical, high-performance FTP engine (450hp)
  • Dust-free operation of the plant due to integrated filter, hydraulic blower arm with double joint or discharge screw with fast discharge performance
  • Spacious and compact 3, 4, 5 and 6 t mixers
  • Hopper of stainless steel (for cleaning) in optimal working height with bag lifter (hot galvanized) and standard bag opener (stainless steel)
  • Simple filter and hammer exchange in hammer mills
  • Low superstructure
  • Simple operation of weighing system - on robuts weighing cells
  • Sound insulation hood with rust-proof covers of aluminium
  • Generous hose strorage (Alu) respectively tube storage
  • Strong-walled mixer
  • First class servicing and painting

Ask your advisor about the advantages of Tropper Grinding and Mixing plant:

Mr Josef Niedermayr

Mr Johannes Tropper


Successful drive systems

Auxiliary engine: Standard is the economical powerful Mercedes Benz OM 501 LA (V-form) engine with 260 kW or optionally the inline engine OM 460 with 295 kW.

Direct drive: Tropper direct drive with elastic, compensating coupling.

Both drive options from TROPPER provide, due to the low maximum working revolutions of 1,600 rpm when sucking, for optimal performance and torque at low fuel consumption. Modification for plant oil is possible for both types

Tropper Airblock

With the smooth running Airblock you can count on a well-protected air-end with temperature monitoring.


The MEGA suction station for even more suction performance at low revs. Save fuel and spare the direct drive due to lower rpm despite higher performance

Hammer mill HM 660

The mill is standard equipped with 160 hardened metal hammers (with 0.85 m² filter surface) and therefore also well suited for special purposes such as grinding moist grain. (Grinds up to 35 t/h).
Filter exchange is easy to carry out

Grain crusher QR 600

In the case of the massive, hydraulically adjustable crusher the crushing performance and the crush quality are always the main priorities. The large 600 mm long crushing rollers with a diameter of 400 mm and the proven belt drive enable top throughput with all fodder ingredients. Simple crushing gap adjustment while running is a specialty of the TROPPER crusher.

Magnetic separator (ID 02499)

Despite the strong magnetic force the magnetic separator can easily be taken out and wiped clean.

Original Tropper Suction-Pressure Mixer

Mixer sizes from 3 t to 14 t capacity. The mixer stands out due to its complete discharge, the calibratable weighing unit, the integrated jet filter, the mixture sampler next to the operator control box and the bunker impactor for cleaning the inner walls of the mixer.

Complete draining since 1992

As an operator of mixing plants, you set great store by a quick and clean change of products. Hereby, you can rely on our long-time experience with pneumatic discharge. TROPPER MMX-Press have been drained, according to a simple and efficient system, since 1992 for a simple and effective system: Due to maintenance-free outlet plates, the best possible draining can be achieved without any complex mechanics at the bottom of the mixer drain! In combination with the standard hopper knocker (cleans the mixer wall) and the draining stop, you can achieve impressively clean results. You as customer supply high-quality compound - hence: mix quality - avoid loss!

MMX-Control Profi in Central Operator Controll Box

The lockable and professionally wired operator control box in 7 languages (MMX Control Profi) in stainless steel, heated, for manual and automatic weighing affords multiple possibilities for use.

Additional material hopper in stainless steel


With suction, elastic and mounted very low (optimal height for adding ingredients) with a table and a bag opener for small bags as well as a shaker for emptying the bags fully.

Blower arm with double joint NW 100

The special hydraulic full stream technology enables dust-reduced discharge of large amounts of material due to the 2 joints

Optional discharge screw instead of blower arm

For complete discharge of the mixer contents and for continual throughput crushing (e.g. for biogas plants). When carrying out continual throughput crushing the crushed grain is guided through a rotary feeder.

Fluid addition for oils

Suction system with tubes, regulator and intake lance as well as oil tank (300 l to ca. 2,000 l) with counter (select amount). Figures are displayed on the weighing computer (MMX Control).

Hot galvanized frame components


TROPPER sets high quality standards and has its processed frame components hot galvanized after they have been bevelled!

Sound insulation hood in attractive design

The complete internal coating of the aluminium hood with high quality sound insulation material enables on the one hand effective reduction of the operational noise and on the other hand easy access to the units due to the large cover.


Comprehensive standard accessories

It is a matter of course that all necessary parts such as hoses, suction tube, exchangeable filters etc. are included at the time of delivery so that as soon as you accept the vehicle you can start working with it. TÜV inspection in our works is obligatory for DE and AT.

Your special standard equipment:

Camera set for reversing
Improve safety thanks to the practical camera set with digital display on the monitor in the cab.

Storage box for hose etc.
Made of aluminium, at a low height with trays for suction lances and coupling pieces, weather protection roof over the additional material hopper, tools in a toolbox as well as a fire extinguisher which are naturally all included